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Massage & Facial Wellness Program

 Prepayment is a requirement and is debited monthly from your account. There is a 3 month minimum sign-up requirement and a $65 Wellness Program fee.will be charged annually.

Membership may be shared by ONE (1) other person. Wellness Program members enjoy a FREE 25 minutes birthday session in your birth month and a 25 minute gift card each month to refer another (different) person monthly.

Each session includes Aromatherapy, hot towels and 2 to 3 added modalities


MPS, MYK, Cupping, Hot Lava Shells, Pulsation therapy, LED light therapy, VNS, KT taping, Lip treatment, Collagen/Hexapeptide masque upgrade, Gua sha.

Wellness Program members enjoy 13 % discount on other services.. 

Gift certificates/cards may be purchased at your program rates.

Unused sessions roll over (as long as membership remains active). They may also be used to purchase gift certificates.

***You may cancel after first 3 months with a 30 day written notice. using form provided

each Session
$115 (75 Minutes) 


Cosmetologist/Personal trainer/Body Worker 
$95 | 75 Minutes
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